Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So my heart is still pretty broken, but you know what helps? Crack.

Kidding. I just keep going, I guess. The sun will rise and the moon will set and you learn how to settle for what you get. Such is life. As Prior Walter said, "One wants, but one so seldom gets what one wants, does one? No. One does not. One gets fucked over." You go on, but spoiled little bitches like me can't get by without something to dull the pain. So I've been self-medicating in the only way I know how. I think we know what that is by now. Lately I've had two speeds: a million miles an hour and stop. The last few weekends have found me running wild in the city and cultivating a very trendy hatred of Times Square. This year alone I've seen:

Women on the Verge
La Cage
The Addams Family
Good People
The Dream of the Burning Boy
Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
Angels in America: Perestroika
The Dream of the Burning Boy

This Saturday I'm seeing The People in the Picture and in late May I'm seeing How to Succeed. Life in shambles. Keep calm and carry on. The children of Africa weep for me.