Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

My heart is broken. Maisie, my beloved next door neighbor, is moving away. Far away. It's been two days since she told me, and I don't accept it yet. There are years of memories crossing back and forth between our two houses, and now? She's going to shit-nowhere Blairstown, and memories don't stretch that far. I've known her almost all my life. I have never, ever had a day when she wasn't at my right side. Having her as my Disney roommate last summer was the most fun I've ever had. And the Halloweens. Christ, the Halloweens.

There was supposed to be a point to this. I don't remember it anymore.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh My God, You Guys

Lots to talk about today. First - RIP Baby June. You were more talented than your sister. Second - Conan might host the Tonys. Interesting. Very interesting. Third - The Miracle Worker's closing. Shame. Fourth - NEXT TO NORMAL HAS RECOUPED. They did not flop. They were not a flop. Nobody can ever say that Next to Normal flopped. Next to Normal was a critical and financial hit. Sounds lovely, I know. I have to admit, never thought I'd live to see the day. I take it back and I bow before the Booth Theatre. Hear that, folks? The one about the crazy lady made it. It's been a year and she's still over there on 45th Street throwing bread and alienating her daughter. And it's a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At Last.

I am utterly shocked that I can access this from school. The beauty is that I'm in musical theatre class, so if I get caught on Broadwayworld nothing bad happens. Anyway - wonderful news that's been a long time coming - Sondheim is finally getting a theatre. They're gonna rename the Henry Miller the Stephen Sondheim. At last. At long son of a bitching last. Congratulations, Mr. Sondheim. Can't think of someone who deserved it more.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Light the candles get the ice out roll the rug up it's today! Happy 80th birthday, Mr. Sondheim. Many, many, many returns of the day. This man is an absolute genius. He has given us so much as a nation, a culture, and a theatre community. As an individual, the gifts I have received from him are innumerable. A few favorites:

Sunday in the Park With George
Move On
Everybody Loves Louis
We Do Not Belong Together
It's Hot Up Here
The Ladies Who Lunch
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Another Hundred People
What Would We Do Without You
Getting Married Today
By the Sea
Not While I'm Around
A Little Priest
The Worst Pies in London
I'm Still Here
God That's Good
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
Losing My Mind
Children Will Listen
No One is Alone
The Glamorous Life
The Miller's Son
Send in the Clowns
A Weekend in the Country
You Must Meet My Wife

It's also the birthday of That Guy Who Wrote Phantom.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lord, Take Me Now

I had the most endearing Facebook conversation today. Yeah, Facebook. It hurts me too.

Republican: Actually it wouldn't. How does telling people what doctors they can see when help people? How does making treatment decisions for people help them? How does cutting old people off from healthcare help people? How does insuring illegal immigrants (key work ILLEGAL) help citezens? How does limiting the amount of healthcare someone can receive every year help people?How about the measure in the bill saying that judicial review of it is not allowed. That's unconstitutional. Infact, the whole reason that that article is in there is because the regime knows that this whole measure is unconstitutional.Weren't we "promised" bi-partisianship during the campaign. He is so bi-partisan that he locked himself in a room with his liberal democrat buddies today to figure out how to squeeze this bill through. ... I'm the proudest American you know. I have been ready and willing to die for this country for years now. But if this socialist measure passes I might have to reevaluate my military plans because I'm not going to die for a communist nation.I'm all for healthcare for everyone. HOWEVER, it does not have to be the same for everyone. Just a word of friendly advice. If this goes through get yourself firearms, non perishable food, and hard currency (gold silver etc.) because when the healthcare system goes under what's left of the economy is going with it and chaos is going to ensue. U can start wiping your ass with American money now because it's going to be worthless pretty soon if they pass this.

Me: Illegal immigrants are not sadistic bloodsucking vipers. Just my liberal two cents.

Republican: Well no one said they were, and no one asked for your liberal 2 cents. Like I said above, the key word is illegal. Instead of spending money on turning this country socialist let's spend it on arresting the illegals and sending them back to where they come from. After that the poor Americans can take the jobs that the illegals hold and begin to make life better for themselves.

Oh. Okay. Nobody asked me. I guess I should just take my liberal two cents and shove it, right? Because that's the best way to solve all our problems. My favorite part was the post-apocalyptic description of the US after the bill passes. RATS IN THE STREETS AND THE LUNATICS YELLING AT THE MOON IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might as well have said that. It would have been less hateful. Here's the thing - just like the gays don't want to rip apart your marriage, immigrants, be they illegal or not, do not want to stab you in the stomach and cut in front of you at the doctor's office. They just want to keep their children healthy. Sharing. Revolutionary. I have not read the health care bill. I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about here. I just know that what we have now isn't working, and there are people who like to live in their own little box worlds. Sometimes I like to ask them what they would do if they were an illegal immigrant. And then I sit there and let them scream at me because I clearly want to end America.

I can't take it anymore. But at least I can spell citizen.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hold Your Hats and Hallelujah

Bust out the pompoms! Lenora and I have won tickets to Sondheim on Sondheim! I'm excited. A) I freaking love Sondheim. There is no reason for me to tell you that. God knows I've said it enough in the past. But I'm excited. There better be some Vanessa Williams Another Hundred People-in'. Otherwise somebody's getting hurt. B) Leslie Krizter. She's darling. C) NORM LEWIS! Dude was in SIDE SHOW. D) I never win anything. Never.

Still, I am feeling a bit guilty. Lenora has this other 'friend' that assumed she was going to the show with her. Here's the thing - I'm not out to hurt anybody. I'm not going to steal a little kid's toy and laugh. But this girl is treacherous. Lenora will tell you, and we all know that Lenora is Jesus. So she ousted her, because, let's just face it. She likes me infinitely better. It must have been like an Anne/Petra Weekend in the Country Moment.

"I'm excited."

"No you're not."

Three cheers and dammit, c'est la vie. So, yes, I was indeed at the tribe's last performance at Hair. I took Berri with me, and I sat there and shook through the whole thing. Audra McDonald was there. I was sitting up in the mezzanine, and I happened to look down and see her taking her seat. And I freaked out like a goddamn Ragtime fangirl. (Does such a thing exist? Oh well. Love that lovely lady.)


This here is Jackie Burns. I've always known her as "the tribe member who looks like Lea Michele." The first time I saw Hair, I was in the second row. I tell people I don't remember it at all. That's not entirely true. I remember Allison Guinn shaking hands with the people infront of me. I remember Allison Case rushing past me going, "Sorry. Sorry. Scuse me." (I'm sitting down. I mean, where would you like me to go?)I remember sitting there with my jaw hanging open during Let the Sunshine In and thinking, "Close your mouth. You're staring." And I remember Jackie. I remember thinking that she looked so much like Lea Michele it was ridiculous. Remember, friends. This was April. I was still riding the Spring Awakening wave.

Anway, point is, I just found out that Miss Burns is not going to London! She's staying stateside to do Smokey Joe's Cafe at the Papermill. I hate Smokey Joe's. But it's nice that she's sticking around, I guess.

And finally, here's Alice Ripley. We haven't had enough of her around these parts lately.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy God

I am sick of dealing with the Inkpop Idiots. No, I don't want to read your stupid vampire book. Don't get me wrong, folks. I've met some incredibly lovely, talented people on that site. But they're few and far between, and the great majority are shrieky twelve-year-olds trying to shove their predictable romance novels in my face. Lenora tells me not to lose hope. I say you don't have to deal with these people, Lenora. The other day I had to read a story about a cat that gets turned into a girl living in Nazi Germany. What class. What style. And I can't take it anymore.