Saturday, October 9, 2010

Isn't it Rich.

The two little kiddies next door are running through my backyard screaming like Indians and waving sticks at Claude. I am not angry. I am not going to yell. I am simply going to sit at this window with my laptop and play Send in the Clowns. Nonstop. Very loud. In all its variations. Scream all you want, children. Judi Dench is up next. We're gonna have a fun evening. God whose eye is on the sparrow, please make these little demons leave Claude alone. And please help me learn how to be a mature adult and spend my time doing something other than playing mind games with children using the works on Stephen Sondheim.

Speaking of Steve-O, he helped me knock my SAT out of the park this morning. The essay was about the importance of the creative arts. I whipped out my best analysis of Sunday in the Park. Connect. Children and art. And I made that essay into my bitch. It was kneeling at my feet by the time I walked out of there. I also managed to slip in the JFK quote that Alice Ripley said at the Tonys. "I am certain that when the dust of centuries has settled we will not be remembered for our victories in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit." I wove in The Crucible and Angels in America. Streetcar made and appearance with the death of censorship. All in all, it was just so very me. That's my little way of kicking dehumanizing standardized tests like that in the face.

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Violet said...

I used the Crucible as well, expect I quoted Bob Dylan and Shakspeare.
"If love be music, play on" :)