Monday, March 15, 2010

Hold Your Hats and Hallelujah

Bust out the pompoms! Lenora and I have won tickets to Sondheim on Sondheim! I'm excited. A) I freaking love Sondheim. There is no reason for me to tell you that. God knows I've said it enough in the past. But I'm excited. There better be some Vanessa Williams Another Hundred People-in'. Otherwise somebody's getting hurt. B) Leslie Krizter. She's darling. C) NORM LEWIS! Dude was in SIDE SHOW. D) I never win anything. Never.

Still, I am feeling a bit guilty. Lenora has this other 'friend' that assumed she was going to the show with her. Here's the thing - I'm not out to hurt anybody. I'm not going to steal a little kid's toy and laugh. But this girl is treacherous. Lenora will tell you, and we all know that Lenora is Jesus. So she ousted her, because, let's just face it. She likes me infinitely better. It must have been like an Anne/Petra Weekend in the Country Moment.

"I'm excited."

"No you're not."

Three cheers and dammit, c'est la vie. So, yes, I was indeed at the tribe's last performance at Hair. I took Berri with me, and I sat there and shook through the whole thing. Audra McDonald was there. I was sitting up in the mezzanine, and I happened to look down and see her taking her seat. And I freaked out like a goddamn Ragtime fangirl. (Does such a thing exist? Oh well. Love that lovely lady.)


This here is Jackie Burns. I've always known her as "the tribe member who looks like Lea Michele." The first time I saw Hair, I was in the second row. I tell people I don't remember it at all. That's not entirely true. I remember Allison Guinn shaking hands with the people infront of me. I remember Allison Case rushing past me going, "Sorry. Sorry. Scuse me." (I'm sitting down. I mean, where would you like me to go?)I remember sitting there with my jaw hanging open during Let the Sunshine In and thinking, "Close your mouth. You're staring." And I remember Jackie. I remember thinking that she looked so much like Lea Michele it was ridiculous. Remember, friends. This was April. I was still riding the Spring Awakening wave.

Anway, point is, I just found out that Miss Burns is not going to London! She's staying stateside to do Smokey Joe's Cafe at the Papermill. I hate Smokey Joe's. But it's nice that she's sticking around, I guess.

And finally, here's Alice Ripley. We haven't had enough of her around these parts lately.

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Violet said...

the sondheim tickets were our tickets initially, so no sharing with other people was part of the contract...
talking about sondheim we have to buy some tickets soon.....
miss talking about alice ripley---she doesnt exist in our conversations anymore...however, should she??