Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You know that guy who said lightning doesn't strike twice? Find him. I wanna punch him in the face. Three nights ago I went back to Next to Normal. I sat next to a pole. By myself. And Ripley did not go on. Again. And neither did Bobby Spencer. I sat there thinking, "Was that a farce?" And it wasn't. But it wasn't a good show, either. Send in the son of a bitching clowns, cause I shoulda seen Looped.

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Violet said...

I texted the lightning comment on your phone....sorry about that.
upside of the story: sherie rene scott is back on broadway :)
thats probably not an upside for you....
So i realized I'm singing Cabaret tonight, and the blog name is "Come to the Cabaret" so i thought I should stop by and pay my respects.

....respects payed.