Sunday, April 11, 2010


Remember when Ragtime got revived on Broadway? That was great, right? I miss that. Let's do that again.

Sigh. Well, I just found out that American Idiot is only an hour and a half long. That is a bit disappointing. I've also heard that they're only repeating what Spring Awakening did first and did better. I still think that they can take down those Addams freaks, though. Night Music was all set to be Best Revival, but then La Cage showed up across the street to blow them out of the water. I'm not at all familiar with La Cage. I didn't see it in '05, but I'm hearing great things about this one. Maybe I'll pop in if I get a chance. So now I think for Best Revival it will be:

Night Music
La Cage
Promises, Promises
God, willing - Ragtime

Sherie Renee Scott and Everyday Rapture are taking over the American Airlines and Lenora is happy as a clam. Sherie Renee is to Lenora what Alice Ripley used to be to me. (Maybe before the season ends I'll go back to the Booth one final time, and then cut a bitch if I get burned a third time.) Anyway, that means CZJ just got the Tony ripped from her Hollywood hands. Good. There have been better Desirees.

Edit: Ohohohohohoho, I just found out that Inkpop has screwed me over once again. I'm stuck behind some fothermucker who has been picking his own pathetic poem to get ahead. Poor, pathetic child. Wanna break shit? Cause I can break shit too, and you don't wanna break shit with me. You wanna play games? Let's play games. This asshole doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. I don't take kindly to cheaters and sons of lifeless bitches like him. I'll take him down like Yoko took down John Lennon.

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Violet said...

haha loved the yoko john lennon snip..made me smile
thats rele frustrating that that guys doing that especially at such a delicate position everyone is in in the top 20....but which guy is this again??