Saturday, September 18, 2010

Counting the Minutes

Got the most astonishing inkpop message.

"ok I get that ur desprate but I DON'T CARE! be considerat and read my profiel!"

Somehow I'm the inconsiderate one. Oh, well. Welcome to the publishing industry, folks. Get yourself a hard hat and a therapist and you should be good to go. I swear to God once I get out of that stupid site and I am NEVER going back. Or maybe I will. I'll write the most predictable fantasy-infused romantic teen fodder I can think of and have it all over with within two months. Won't that be a kick in the ass.

Anyway, the poor dear who sent me the message must still be new enough to labor under the impression that people on that site care about each other. We don't. Nobody's going to take the time to read all your stupid swapping rules. They'll find somebody else to swap with and leave you in the dust. It's an utterly dehumanizing way of running things, but that's the only way to get it right on that stupid website. You have to climb that ladder to the roof, and if anyone comes near you you kick them in the face. How awful is that? Sweeney Todd designed the site, I swear. Machiavelli may have collaborated.

Oh. Look. A new message.

"Sorry, I don't swap but thank you for the kind offer."

Wow. Politeness and class. Revolutionary. I could learn a thing or two from this one. Hope springs eternal, but it's still the City of the Damned. Maybe I should just be a mime. Or maybe not. I'm terrified of those freaking things.