Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dead Horse

Apparently Rent's getting revived off-Bway in June. NO. NO. NO. As Mrs. Lovett said, "DIE! GOD IN HEAVEN'S NAME WHY WON'T YOU DIE?" Christ. You'd think they let the old whore rest in peace for a while before bringing her back in all her bloody glory.

And Spiderman's been pushed back two weeks. My word, Julie Taymor. Are you just very dumb or very, very optimistic? This is not going to end well. Open up your cash-coated eyes and see that. I also don't have an especially high opinion of the people who chose to join this project. I know the economy is down, but nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to play Mary Jane, Jennifer Damiano. Anyway, leave it be and let it end. People got on the Titanic out of their own free will. Far be it from me to stop anyone from being part of a show that's already 65 million bucks in the hole.

1 comment:

Violet said...

That's ridiculous....
don't worry, in 2 years, they'll be reviving Spring Awakening, and you'll be perfectly fine with that :)