Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Day Off

Hello, darlings! I am sitting here watching the tree in the backyard sag under the weight of a late-winter snowstorm. It's March. It's not supposed to snow in March. Shows about Siamese twins are not supposed to do well and it's not supposed to snow in March. But this particular blizzard has garnered me a day off tomorrow. I'm wearing my excited face. I plan to spend the day reading, writing, and watching old movies. (I sat through Fired Up last night and will need some classics to dull the pain.) I'm thinking some Gypsy, Streetcar, possibly some Grey Gardens. I may get really wild and watch Hamlet 2. I am fully aware of the fact that that movie is horrible, but I love it. A movie about how insanely awry theatre productions can go. Two Spring Awakening cast members. I am genetically programmed to love this movie.

Anyway, I have found the most brilliant website. Feeling dejected? Depressed? Unloved? Discouraged? Like laughing at other people's pain? There are places for people like you. This site is the most hilarious thing I have encountered in a long, long time. My two personal favorite stories are:

"Today, I was stepping out of the shower while home alone. I heard voices coming from the living room. I grabbed a bat to defend my self and ran into the living room. I slipped on my tile floor and smashed my TV with the bat. No one was in my house but I left my radio turned on. FML"

"Today, I typed an essay on my friend's computer, so she forwarded it to me in a email and she made the subject "here bitch" as a joke. I then went to email the essay to my teacher. I forwarded it thinking nothing of it only to realize that I didn't change the subject name. FML"

And it keeps getting better. Have fun, children. You're welcome

P.S. - I would like to point out that I have yet to take a single sip of Blue Powerade since Lent started.

Edit- A word to the wise: It has come to my attention that is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Do not hit the link if you don't have massive amounts of time to burn.

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