Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Okay

I have several major issues to discuss with you folks today. First, I am ashamed to admit that I may possibly be a Katy Perry fan. Hot N Cold is a moderately catchy song. Second, I'd like to share this picture Lenora sent me.

It's an original flyer for a side show that featured Daisy and Violet Hilton, and it is glorious glorious glorious and creepy creepy creepy. That's Violet on the left, and Daisy on the right. This picture may give me nightmares, but it's a real gem. Look how grossly they were exploited. This was probably from around the time when they worked in San Antonio, when they were still young.

Third issue. Yesterday, I fell off the wagon and had two bottles of blue Powerade. God is disappointed. God has decided to smite me by casting Phylicia Rashad as Violet Weston.

1 comment:

sing~A~ling said...

I can't believe you disobeyed your Lenten promise-- actually I am really tempted to play Sims 2 right now but I am remaining calm and avoiding this temptation