Thursday, October 8, 2009


So apparently NASA says that some time in the next two years there will be a solar flare that will kill us all. Ruh-roh. I guess that means I have less than two years to do all the things I've always wanted. As of now, that includes:

1. Go to Amsterdam.
2. Play : Sally Bowles
Mrs. Lovett
Barbara Fordham
Blanche DuBois
Little Red
Momma Rose
Miss Electra
Evelyn Nesbit
Diana Goodman
3. See Ragtime.
4. Live long enough to see Wicked close.
5. Get yelled at by Patti LuPone.
6. Meet someone who is actually named Frank Mills.
7. Not be absolutely awful at the piano.
8. Bike the World's Most Dangerous Road.
9. Sky-dive.
10. Go parasailing.
11. Own a bunny.
12. Time travel.
13. Meet: Barack Obama, Olivia de Havilland, Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince, and Liza
14. Learn French.
15. Some day see a Spring Awakening revival.

...and one for Mahler. Okay, so I don't actually know if this 'we're all getting burned to a crisp' thing is true. But still. I have some bad news. You are going to die. And I am going to die. The one thing I always tell myself is, "Start by admitting from cradle to tomb, it isn't that long a stay." Indeed it is not. Plan accordingly.

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sing~A~ling said...

We all die in the end...I'm sorry to inform you....but don't listen to NASA--- we were suppose to all be dead in 2000, but I do believe I'm still here responding to your blog on a dell computer with my hands on a wireless keyboard in google chrome (artist design) with two other links opened up (DMV and aol) and wearing a shirt my sister didn't want. I am pretty sure this is real at the moment. *Pinching myself*......yeh it is.