Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Bout No

Apparently Tom Selleck wants to come back to Broadway. As Peter Griffin said, "None for you, Tom Selleck. You've had yours."

I just realized it's been quite a while since I've seen a show with my mom or my aunt. Mom's last was Night Music, which she loved. Aunt Donna's last was God of Carnage, which she hated. But they both want to see American Idiot pretty badly. Hmm. Possibilities. Anyway. Yesterday some modernist bitch asked me what my favorite band was. I sat there and stared at her and she said, "Well, I heard you only like Broadway. That's so weird." So I said, "I actually like Green Day a lot, even though they're pretty old school." She raised and eyebrow, giggled to her friends, and asked me what Green Day song I liked. I said American Idiot, 21 Guns, Too Much Too Soon, Last Night on Earth, and Know Your Enemy. They all stared at me. I asked if they wanted anything else. They just walked away. Thanks for that one, Michael Mayer. I love owning people.

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