Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love Ya Tomorrow

I don't know if I spelled tomorrow right. But I just took the goddamn SAT and witnessed a car accident and it's freaking hot up here and I'm worried Ripley won't go on. It's been a rough day and it's only four o'clock. Come dance the edge of sanity with me. It's fun out here.

Yesterday Lenora made me climb a tree. And I did it, damn it. I climbed that tree like a bitch. I now own that tree. It is My Tree. The tree is my bitch. It's really really really hot. Anyway, once I made it up there, I got stuck. And I freaked out. While Lenora ran off to get her camera, I sat there and prayed I didn't fall and break my leg. An annoying little freshman sauntered over and began asking me stupid questions about contemporary Broadway. I literally had nowhere else to go. I had to sit there in that freaking tree and talk about Jennifer Damiano in more detail than anyone ever should. It was creepy and terrifying. Jennifer, if you're out there, don't lump me with her. She's a psycho.

So tomorrow's the day. I'm gonna roll them dice just one more time, and this time I'm gonna get it right. Until then, I shall direct you all to Allison Guinn's blog. Crazy Horse say white man die.

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Violet said...

How were the SATs??? Even though I never got my camera, the picture of you suffering up there and stuck will always remain in my mind- mental picture success!