Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freedom Experts

You know what I love? My job. I sit behind a desk and chat with people and wait for the phone to ring. It's great fun. There's Mr. Upper East Side and The Boss Aged 19 and Olga from Belarus and they are a fun buncha folks. Mr. Upper East Side is exactly my age and talks to me about the city. Today we had an argument about the merits of Bryant Park. (It does SO have a lawn, god damn it.) He is very rich and gets driven around the city in a town car. He offered me a ride home today. Don't mind if I do. Olga from Belarus is marvelous. She can't work the phones because of her accent and she speaks English faster than anyone I've ever met, so she tells me stories about Europe - England, Paris, Czech Republic (she loves Prague) and Amsterdam. I asked her what Amsterdam was like and she gave me a no-holds-barred description. I love Europeans. So here's the PG version:

-lots of pot
-prostitutes in windows
-sex shops

Yum. I felt like I was in Passing Strange. So yeah. That's what I do all day. What's your job? Mine's better.

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Violet said...

That guy sounds like he likes you. Or that he may be your type.....hmmm me thinks a good summer ahead..

i thought u hated your job? or did i take it as sarcasm?