Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Queen Honeybee

Sorry. Reading The Color Purple. Yes, Alice is leaving tonight. It's gonna be a sad day, but I'm all powdered, crimped, cut, lipsticked, heeled, and ready to go. I've learned a lot just by watching her. I don't know when I'll ever use any of it, but I learned it. I love her, but not in a scary way. I'll miss her, but not in a scary way. My cat actually let me pet him today. I think he senses that I'm feeling a little down.

Journey on, lovely lady. I salute you. God be with you. I will miss you.


Violet said...

She is a great actress. But what happened at that stage unforgivable.

The Incendiary Goat said...

Oh, it is not. There are worse things that could have happened.