Monday, July 26, 2010


I am tired of inkpop and incredibly bored with it. It's not fun anymore and I want to stop. It doesn't make a difference to me anymore, really. There is nothing good on that website. All I've ever gotten were comments full of people falling all over themselves to generically compliment me, and that doesn't do anybody any good. In fact, it's deeply insulting. I would much rather get a well-written scathing review than a laudatory one written by someone who didn't read past the prologue. I know why my story is struggling. It's because I tell people the truth and don't kiss anybody's mediocre ass, so they don't feel obligated to help me out. That rancid little community is built on lies, flattery, and predictable romance. To be perfectly honest, I don't want to be associated with an organization like that. Maybe my high horse and I will just ride over to a place where honesty is appreciated.


Catherine said...

I know what you mean. I did a story about gay rights on there, and I was first generically complimented by a girl, and then told that I suck for making the romance between two men.

Violet said...

i know you're annoyed, and i know i have no persuasion power over you, but you've been working on this since january. it would have been all wasted time if you stopped now. so do whatever you like.
just saying, i don't think you should stop.