Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Lucky Day

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome. For the musically-deprived among us, that's from Cabaret, the second-greatest Kander and Ebb musical in the history of everything. In case you were wondering, top honors goes to Chicago. But anyway. For those of you who sit up at night torturing yourselves with the question, "Who IS the Incendiary Goat? Is she anything more than a few smart-aleck quips and a boiling pot of resentment toward Sarah Palin?" The answer, my friends, is yes, I am. I live. I breathe. I have friends (most days). I worry about the economy. I am voting for Barack. I am a loving, kind, friendly person. Okay, scratch that last one. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, folks. I am not, nor do I suffer any delusions that I am, friendly. I am about 76.83946537865398% that I am not a people person. But that's just a ballpark figure.

But there are, in fact, things that make me happy. I'm a kick-ass Scopa player (and if you've never played/heard of Scopa then we are not friends) and I'm just tickled pink by a good episode of Arthur. I have a thing for really obscure, offbeat musicals about things nobody talks about and/or cares about. I'm totally serious about that. Really, I kid you not. My favorite musicals feature teen pregnancy, mental illness, Siamese twins, insane barbers, and crazy cat ladies living in dilapidated old mansions. And you thought you were weird just because you enjoyed "From Justin to Kelly."

Sweet Besty from Pike, look at the time! I inteded for this to be a long, soul-crushingly interesting peek into my interests, but, in the interests of watching Barack Obama rip Old Man McCain's political guts out in tonight's debate, I bid you all adieu.

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