Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Little Perspective

Okay. So, as we all know, Spring Awakening is breathing its last on Sunday. This past week has been a barrage of stupid questions, so I thought I would clear up any confusion right here on my blog. Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I'm very upset. Yes, I'm probably going to cry. No, I am not going to attempt suicide by jumping from the mezzanine at intermission. (You gotta admit, though, that would be a pretty great way to go.) What I'm trying to say is this: No one has died. It's a play. Contrary to popular belief, I am going to be able to cope with this. I will not be one of the loonies lighting candles on 49th Street crossing off the days to the revival. It's been fun, but did anybody really think it was gonna last forever? Yes, it was fun. Yes, I loved every minute of it. But shows open and shows close. The end. To quote Cabaret: "It was a fine affair but now it's over." Still, I can't resist a little tribute to a show that really helped shape my character. (And that explains a whole lot, I'm sure.) August 9, 2007 in Bryant Park. My first Spring experience, and still my favorite. March 20, 2008 on Good Morning America. I was in the studio for this, and I can truthfully say I've never been happier to get up at five in the morning. (I attempted to make that not sound creepy, but I reckon it's impossible.) May 18, 2008. I was there for this. This song and the five minute standing ovation that followed were the most electric, brilliant moments of my life to date.

And, I love this song in all its played out, unoriginal glory. I figure it kind of fits the situation.

I'm sure Sunday night is going to top all the past Spring experiences I've had, but after that it's over. To quote the Green Day song I'm currently listening to: "For what it's worth, it was worth all the while." Indeed it was. Thanks for the memories.

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