Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today is My Birthday

I think the title says is it all, folks. Hoy es mi cumpleanos. I'd say it in another language if I knew any others. My day started when I trekked up the stairs to my locker. Lenora was kneeling by her locker, which is coincidentally right next to mine. She looked kinda glum. I asked her what the matter was, and she replied, "Nothing." Okay. Nothin'. As soon as I opened my locker to get my stuff, I was ambushed from behind and ordered into the classroom. I waited out the half hour in lonely exile while Lenora and three others worked their magic on my locker. Finally, like excited little hens, they excitedly ushered me into the hallway and barked at me to open the locker. I thought the minute it took for me to spin the lock was going to kill them. They were jumping up and down and clapping their hands. When I finally got it open, I peered in door, saw Blance DuBois and Stanley Kowalski, and slammed the door shut. Great. So there's a mentally unstable woman and a big New Orleans bully in my locker. I was coerced into opening the door again. At second glance, I realized that my locker door had been decorated with the logos from all my favorite shows, generously donated by Lenora. If I remember correctly, my locker is now adorned with pictures from: Spring Awakening, Parade, SIDE SHOW, Grey Gardens, Cabaret, Company, Speech and Debate, A Streetcar Named Desire, In the Heights, and August: Osage County. I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting. There are also pictures of Stewie, Vivien Leigh, and Sarah Palin, and tomorrow I shall finally bring in some pictures of my own to add to the creative genius. When I got home, I received some perfectly marvelous presents. Among them are diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, and tickets to see Shrek on Broadway. Normally, I wouldn't want to see Shrek, but this show has a great cast. This is Brian d'Arcy James. This is John Tartaglia. This is Sutton Foster. THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO ME. It couldn't please me more if I got the chance to play Sally in Cabaret. Actually, that probably would please me more. I'd give my left leg to play Sally Bowles, though that might make the choreography for Don't Tell Mama a tad difficult. So another birthday has come and gone. This year's birthday has been fun, certainly moreso than last year, when I was nearly knocked unconscious by a Tony winner. Maybe if I had actually gotten knocked out some of his talent would have channeled into me. Until that time, I'll stay here and belt Cabaret until the blood vessels in my throat burst.

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