Sunday, February 1, 2009

Useless Surveys!

You know what really grinds my gears? Chain e-mails, especially the ones that threaten you. Seriously, is forwarding some cyberjunk to ten people really going to prevent my mother from getting hit by a bus tomorrow, or make someone tell me they love me at midnight tonight? Well, friends, I am putting my slippered foot down. From now on, whenever I receive a chain e-mail, am I forwarding it back to the original sender. Twice. However, I did receive one today that was moderately interesting. Perhaps I have not told you all how very fond I am of surveys. I happen to think this one is one of the finest surveys I have ever had the unspeakable honor of filling out. It really speaks to my character. Since I am always thinking of my loving, minuscule audience, I have decided to copy and paste it right here on the blog! You're welcome.

1. What's your full name? We're just gonna skip that one.
2. Bully or Bullied? Bully
3. Dream job? Hmm...Actress, perhaps, or maybe a writer. Or a circus freak.
4. Glass half full or half empty? Half empty. The optimists are looking at the wrong half of the glass.
5. Ever broken a body part? I broke my elbow in the fourth grade.
6. How many car accidents have you been in? None, thank Jebus.
7. Ever caused a car accident? Not that I know of.
8. Ever been sent to the principal's office? Yes.
9. Most beautiful (inside) person you know? I don't do sentimental.
10. How do you relax? Read/Write
11. Social Butterfly or a Wallflower? Wallflower
12. Your biggest question about life? Who was the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to musicalize "Carrie?"
13. Secret Keeper or a Blabbermouth? I keep my own secrets. I am still working on everyone else's.
14. What makes you cry? The fact that August: Osage County can't fill the minuscule Music Box while Wicked is selling out the Gershwin.
15. Names of your future children? Boy: Gabe Girl: Alice/Alexandra
16. Who's your favorite relative? That is a wildly unfair question.
17. What was your last dream? I only remember that it involved a roller coaster and SIDE SHOW. You fill in the blanks.
18. What makes you crazy? Rent.
19. I wish I could go back in time.
20. Myspace/Facebook/Livejournal/Blogspot? Blog, obviously.
21. Which is worse - doctor or dentist? Dentist.
22. Ever been to the emergency room? Yes.
23. Worry wart or worry free? I am a pathological worrier.
24. Bicycling through Europe or African safari? Bicycling through Europe.
25. Favorite book? Gone With the Wind
26. Ice cubes or crushed ice? I find ice cubes to be very sophisticated.
27. What do you like on your burger? Cheese and lettuce.
28. Favorite fast food? I don't do fast food.
29. Favorite color of eyes? Green.
30. Do you know sign language? If I knew sign language would I be blogging right now?
31. Favorite store? Colony. Duh.
32. Who taught you to ride a bike? Maisie' mother
33. How old were you when you learned to swim? I'll get back to you once I learn how to swim.
34. I would love to try skydiving.
35. Who do you admire most? Sarah Palin. It takes a special kind of person to singlehandedly bring down a presidential campaign.
36. Favorite actress? Alice Ripley
37. Worst movie ever? From Justin to Kelly
38. Favorite kind of cookie? I'm more of a doughnut kinda person.
39. Best commercial? Does anyone actually like commercials?
40. A word or phrase you say a lot? Anything from the plate smashing scene in August: Osage County. That may explain why I am not exactly a people person.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but that was fun.


sing~A~ling said...

sarah palin being your role model is so predictable--- i knew you smile a little everyday carrying your books from your locker and seeing her face hahaha

love how you didnt answer the questions-- you sarcastically responded as if someone was talking to you.


berri said...

i actually like from justin to kelly (nd yes i realize i am probably the only person who owns the DVD but hey im just tht awesome LOL)