Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party Animal

I went to a party last night, friends. It was fun. The DJ had an unusual affinity for making fun of the Jonas Brothers. It was great. There was a Slip n' Slide. I'd never been on one in my life, so I figured I'd try it. It was more fun that it looked. I was laughing hysterically by the time I got to the end. I don't usually let loose like that, but I got up and did it again. It was somewhat reminiscent of the mud-sliding beatniks at Woodstock. (For the record, had I been alive in '69, I probably wouldn't have gone to Woodstock. I've come to the conclusion that I'm way too in-the-box for stuff like that.)

There was also a water balloon fight. I don't like fighting. Perhaps I shall start to call myself a pacifist. Still, I could not resist the urge to hurl a few balloons down the hill at a some unsuspecting partygoers. It was a "You don't wanna break shit with ME, muthaf*cka!" moment. Except not really. (For the record, I cannot WAIT to hear Amy Morton say that line next Sunday. One of the highlights of my first visit to Osage County was Johanna Day spreading her arms, throwing back her head, and screaming it to the rafters. Also, it's been discovered that Lenora is unable to come with us on Sunday. How sad. Don't worry, Lenny. We'll bring you back a shirt that says, 'The world is round. Get over it.') Anyway, after the water balloon fight was Pin the Tail on the Donkey. When it was my turn, I lost my balance and sort of fell on top of the inflatable donkey, prompting the DJ to ask me if I had been drinking. I stand by my theory that they spun me around too much. Alas, the cops showed up and told us to turn the music down. It was a total buzz kill, man. Didn't matter to me though, since I had a panic attack and left an hour later. Good times.

Before I go, I feel compelled to share this video with all of you fine people. Helene York sings Kerrigan and Lowdermilk's "Not Her Way." I looooove me some Kerrigan and Lowdermilk. In case you're wondering, that's Caissie Levy sitting behind her, and the disembodied arms slamming on the piano belong to Kait Kerrigan.

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