Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Broadway.Com Awards!

Remember how bonkers I went for the Tonys, friends? Remember? I called Greg Jbara an oaf, said I was too smart to be a Stephanie J. Block fan, hoped Aaron Tveit would punch David Bologna in the face, jumped up and screamed when Next to Normal won Best Score, and referred to Alice Ripley winning the Tony as the queen being crowned. Well, I'm sorry for all of that. Guess I got a little carried away. Reading over posts I made around Tony time, I can't believe how overzealous I was. I also got really, really mean about it. God, I was like Arthur Laurents. So yeah, I'm sorry. However, I do NOT take back what I said about Billy Elliot being a "big, obnoxious, twirling monstrosity." All disparaging remarks made about Rent and Wicked also still stand.

But now that that's all out of the way, I give you The Audience Awards! Hooray. I love this wonderful video. And, of course, as with all other things, I have several comments. Sorry. I'm a nitpicker by nature. So maybe I'll just list my comments and concerns in bullet form. Ready? Saddle up, folks, and awaaaaaay we go.

-I find it rather alarming that you can hear a small child screaming in terror during Patrick Wilson's segment.

-Perhaps Sutton Foster should have moved the bra hanging on the back wall before she accepted the award.

-Daniel Radcliffe's eyebrows are really bothering me.

-Alice Ripley's glasses make her look like she's auditioning for The Marvelous Wonderettes.

-Jane Fonda seems none too excited to be getting the award.

-I realize now that I've never really heard Karen Olivo's actual speaking voice. I've also got a newfound respect for her, since a few nights ago I had a dream that she was sitting on my living room floor making a scrapbook. It was bizarre.

-Talk a little faster, Will Swenson. Personally, I like the Vengeful Acceptance Speech. My favorite part of the entire video is "Suck on that, Colby!"

-Aww, Dolly Parton seems really honored that she won. I'm happy for her, and I don't even like Get Out and Stay out that much. I do a good Stephanie J. Block impression, though. "GEEEEEET OUT AND UHSHTAAAAAAAAY OUT!'

-Tutus, Billy Elliot folk? Really?

And that's about all I have to say about that.

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sing~A~ling said...

do not insult daniel radcliffe in any way--- especially less than 10 days from the movie! enjoy disney!