Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today's title is a quote from God of Carnage, which I saw over the weekend. I have to say, I did not expect Annie Potts to throw up all over the stage. I think my favorite part was when she had her breakdown and screamed, "HERE'S WHAT I THINK OF YOUR TULIPS!" and started destroying the set. Good times.

So I just thought of another of my favorite A:OC quotes. Barbara to Bill: "Oh, forsook you and the horse you rode in on!" I was especially angry at my sister this afternoon, and before I knew it I found myself screaming, "Oh, forsook you and your sonofabitching snow day!" There. That's so much better. Forsook you, Patti LuPone. Forsook you too, god damn it. I'm angry tonight.

I saw a college production of Little Women last night. It brought back a lot of good memories. It's been five years, and I'd forgotten how much I love the show. But I still haz a angry.

Maybe I'll talk about my updated spring docket.

American Idiot
Addams Family
Night Music
Next Fall
Next to Normal with Ripley, dammit

And maybe, just maybe, at a matinee in August, a girl wearing sunglasses and a feathered hat will slip into the mezzanine of the Hirschfeld and see if Annaleigh Ashford is a good Jeanie.

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Violet said...

don't forget your lovely excursion to the name i will not say...dead skin cells in long strands musical....