Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snapping the Tether

Harper has a line in Angels in America that goes something like, "Wow, I musta REALLY snapped the tether this time!" So did Julie Taymor. The entire NY theatre scene is abuzz with what happened last night at Spider-man. I haven't forgotten this picture. Apparently Jennifer D. saw the whole thing happen. Nothing like seeing somebody come crashing down from 30 feet in the air. Apparently the audience could hear her crying. (Cheap shot, but here I go - that's more than the folks at the Booth ever heard. I hate myself.) Anyway, they stopped the show and the guy got taken out in an ambulance. Apparently he's ok, but no good can come of this fiasco.

I don't know what's gonna happen because of this, but it can't be good. I'm not thinking they're getting shut down, but I foresee the opening getting pushed back again. God knows I'm not interested in giving this show any of my money, but snagging a seat in the orchestra might be worth my while. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get hit by a falling baritone and then I can sue and be set for college and grad school. Not funny. I'm not laughing. Not laughing. I really suck, don't I.

Poor Jennifer Damiano. I know it's closing, but she probably should have just stayed with Next to Normal. You know. The show where you can't get killed.

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