Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Tapdance

I have a problem: I'm inordinately proud of my legs. That makes me feel like a creeper. One of my Facebook (and actual honest to Jebus real-life) friends says it's suggestive that I like to show them off so much. What am I suggesting, exactly? That I'm not an ass-aching Puritan? That there is one part of my body of which I am not unendurably ashamed? Or maybe I'm what Sylvia Plath would call a drunken amorphous slut.

We've been discussing obscenity in my law class. The thing is there just isn't much that I find to be obscene. J-Woww, maybe. Or the fact that Fred Phelps has followers. I'm pretty much game for anything else. Put it on a stage and call it art and I probably won't be smart enough to know the difference.

All for now.

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