Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fallen Heroes

Just got back from getting my hair highlighted, and, if I may say so myself, it looks rather good. But that's enough about my hair, no matter how sparkling and lovely it may be. No, folks, the reason I am here is simply because I have no idea where else to go. Just watch one video, and you'll see why I'm so semi-distraught this evening. What the hell? Was she kidding? Is she just loony? Were the cocaine rumors true? Why is it that I care? Now, normally I'm of the type that leaves well enough alone and keeps the hell out of other people's personal lives. (Or at least I like to think I'm of that type.) So if Audra McDonald is dating Will Swenson or Liza is a drunk, I shrug and I say, "So what?" But for some reason, I'm inclined to care whether or not Alice Ripley is as bonkers as everyone seems to think she is. I never really thought she was. I used to think she was just hilarious and unique. These videos, however, scared me just a tad. But I am not judging her, and this is the last you will ever hear of it. It still stands that her performance in Next to Normal was the best I've ever seen, and, after all, ain't nothin' mah business but what happens on the stage.

Apparently, Brynn O'Malley's playing the Baker's Wife this summer. She recently said she's been "date-raped" by Into the Woods. Judging by these pictures, she wasn't the only thing that got raped.

Holy crap. What the hell did you people do to Milky White? Why is he so freaking HUGE? Did you jump Dainty June and steal the cow while she was down? I'm not the biggest fan of Into the Woods as a whole, but this doesn't exactly look like a gem of a production. I love that Hunter Foster is The Baker. Classic theatrical move: When you can't afford the Broadway starlet, go for her less popular, less talented brother. The poor rubes in the audience'll never catch wise.

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sing~A~ling said...

how sweet--- did u see the videos where alice is talking the lyrics of a song in a very serious