Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a Good Life

My incredible winnning streak is still going strong, friends. Really, I don't know why I'm so blindly, blissfully joyful these days, but I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts. As Jason Robert Brown said, "Son of a bitch, I guess I'm doing something right!" I'm just a fountain of joy and pep. It's scary. I'm in such a good mood, in fact, that I made a playlist of the happies songs on my iPod and am now sampling it. It consisted of:

One of the Boys - 9 to 5
I Got Life - Hair
Morning Person - Shrek
White Boys - Hair
Perfectly Marvelous - Cabaret
It's Gonna be Good - Next to Normal
Schadenfreude - Avenue Q
Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat - Guys and Dolls
This is Not Over Yet - Parade
A Little Priest - Sweeney Todd
The Five-Fifteen - Grey Gardens

"I'm wallowing in it. I love every minute. So up I may never come down." I guess I'm just attempting to spread the happiness around a bit. It's not working, is it? So last night I found out that absolutely nobody else in my family likes any of the names I have picked out for any children I might have. Really, people, they're my kids. My family does not get to name them. I feel another list coming on.


Gabriel. I am not budging here. My son is going to be named Gabriel.

Look, folks. It's not like I want to name my kids Cordelia and Aloysius. Are ALL the names I picked out truly THAT unbearable? Oh, well. We'll worry about that in ten years or so.

This, ladies and gents, is Allison Guinn. Kinda looks like Natalie Wood, don'tcha think? She's a tribe member in Hair, and I honestly think she may be the most talented person in the company. Her Crazy Horse voice scarred me for life. It was the second-scariest thing I have ever seen onstage. The first was Temper, Temper from Mary Poppins. I heard they might be cutting it, and I pray to God that's not true. It was awe-inspiringly frightening, and it was also the one time in my life that I have seen a theatre full of children be completely still and silent. That's the way. Let them sit there and fidget and whine through half the first act and then BAM! Now that the little darlings have seen what Mary can do, there'll be guaranteed silence for the remainder of the show. Back to Miss Guinn. She's awesome. And awesomely underrated. During Three-Five-Zero-Zero (which is, as I have just realized, a much better song than most people give it credit for being), I was mesmerized by her. She twisted her face into an awful grimace and was repeatedly slamming herself in the collarbone, while screeching out the lyrics. It was at once the ugliest and most beautiful thing I've seen in a while. I remember leaning over to Berri and whispering, "Holy crap, what is she doing?" Berri didn't see her. It was really sad.

Thought I'd share my favorite shot from today's selection of Awkward Family Photos. This one's a real diamond in the rough, like Jed Clampett striking oil. I think we all know who my favorite person in this picture is. Nothing like a fat white guy in a Speedo. I like to imagine that this is what happened to the Hair tribe as time went on. Wonderful, isn't it. Now, since there's a lot of space here that will look awkward if I leave it, maybe I'll just make a passing mention that if one just happened to type "lot's wife" into Youtube, one just might come upon a video that's epic in every sense of the word. But, hey, this might not happen at all. I'm just guessing here. If it were to happen, though, know that I think the woman in the hypothetical video had her hypothetical Tony award stolen by a certain shrieky green girl. Hypothetically. Ever wish you could just kick back and bake brownies with Will Swenson? Yeah, me neither. But here you go, anyway. "Looove himmmmmm. Can't get enough of him."

And we'll finish off with a picture from Woodstock. As Baby Bop said to Barney and the aptly named BJ in the episoder where she was pretending to be a cowgirl, "I'm off to tumble me some tumbleweeds. See ya'll later."


sing~A~ling said...

#1: I like Audrey alot!!--- but is Grey and Brynn really girls' names??
#2: Gabriel= n2n
#3: i loved the video of will making brownies
#4: where is my layout?
#5: I love hippies and woodstock-- i got a shirt that says three days of peace and music-- dont joke about woodstock!
#5: umm, i was going to say something else but I forgot

The Incendiary Goat said...

Son of a bitch, I am NOT naming my son after the kid from Next to Normal! I have liked that name for years, people!