Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going International

Big news, folks. I had my first international visitor today. Apparently, someone from Sweden searched and found my blog. Hello, my new Swedish friend. Everybody say, "Hi, Swedish Blog Reader!" Okay, honey, I'm done embarrassing you now.

So today is September 6. You know what that means. 9 to 5 has met its end. I'm listening to One of the Boys right now, as a sort of funereal dirge. So long, ladies. Be thankful for your five months. You could have gone down like Glory Days.

Yesterday afternoon, Lenora saw West Side Story. I was proud of her for taking the risk. She came back with the following information: Matt Cavenaugh sucks. I could have told her that. I was told about his hideous accent, which is no foreign thing to me. I saw Grey Gardens. When I asked Lenora what her favorite part was, her abrupt response was, "When Tony died." Oh, Lord. I remember a time when people were actually supposed to care when Tony dies. Thanks for that, Richard Beymer. However, I was told that Matt Cavenaugh "is hot." Unfortunately, that makes no difference to me. So's Jeremy Piven, and look how that ended up. If Matt Cavenaugh's looks reflected his actual talent, he would probably look something like this guy. Wow. That's unbearable. Okay, he's somebody's son. I'm shutting up now.

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