Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday in the Alley With 20,000 People

Wilkommen. I don't know where you guys are, but here it's a beautiful, cool night. I've tucked myself into a little ball and am sitting underneath the window. There's ten minutes to Glee, so I thought I'd pop in here. Pop.
Great news on all fronts today. I've started teaching myself the role of Dot from Sunday in the Park. There's a lot more to her than meets the eye. I like Jenna Russell's performance better than Bernadette Peters. Jenna played her as more youthful and fun-loving. So when I drift around singing the songs or run lines with my occasionally-willing neighbor, that's what I go for. I just realized how weird that is. But yeah, I could probably do a pretty decent Sally Bowles/Little Red/Momma Rose/Stella/Edie/Jeanie/Dot if the situation ever arose. Of course, one man's decent is another man's claw-your-eyes-out, so I think we should all just hope said situation never arises.

Hey, look! Glee just started and guess who I see! DEBRA MONK! And Victor Garber...I'm afraid of him. Debra Monk also scares me a bit. And I didn't even see Curtains.

Avenue Q is going back Off-Broadway. I was so surprised. And nothing ever really surprises me anymore. Which is why....wait, nevermind! IT'S JOHN LLOYD YOUNG! Yay Glee! I applaud the use of Broadway actors. Seriously. I'm clapping right now.

Warning: the following is gonna sound really spoiled, willful, and bratty. It may cause you to hate me more than you actually do. It may incite grumbles of, "Stuck-up bitch." But here it is. I'm going to Amsterdam. Summer 2011. So there it is. I'm going to Amsterdam, and I'm going to tiptoe through the tulips with the potheads and avoid the heroin addicts. It's gonna be great.

The BC/EFA Flea Market is next Sunday. As my two-year-old cousin would say, "I'm so excited." Indeed I am. This year, I am in search of a Sunday in the Park Playbill. If you've never been to the flea market, go. It's definitely a party worth crashing. Last year I saw Doug Wright, lyricist and book writer for Grey Gardens. If I've never said it before, Grey Gardens is a work of pure genius, thus, seeing Mr. Wright rendered me unable to speak. I distinctly remember standing there dumbfounded for a second, and then I said, "Around the World is great." Okay, so that was awkward. But Around the World is still my favorite song ever.

Great picture right? I don't know why I've never seen it before. It's a perfect combination of My Favorite Color and My Favorite Person Who Ever Lived. Yay for Vivien Leigh. Yay for purple.

So I recently read and watched The Crucible. Let me tell you this, folks: Shit's intense. I entertained my Facebook friends by posting, "I saw Goody Palin with the Devil!" as my status. I got three likes and a comment. Laugh, fools, laugh.

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