Saturday, September 12, 2009

Light the Candles, Get the Ice Out, Roll the Rug Up, It's Today

Wilkommen. So it's today. Yessiree, Allison Case is finally making a triumphant return to the stage of the Hirschfeld Theatre, after over a month of absence. Hooray for her. Perhaps this means I shall soon find myself at Hair once again. First on my list right now, however, is Ragtime. A month and a half till previews. It's gonna be good, and it's gonna win Tonys, and it's gonna outrun Bye Bye Birdie. Because it just is.

Wait, stop the presses. I've just realized something. It's September 12! IT'S FRANK MILLS DAY - the day Crissy met Frank Mills, before she subsequently lost his address! How appropriate that Miss Case should be making her return tonight. It's a good day. Sorry that this picture of her is so absolutely MASSIVE.

So, friends, I'm taking an opera/musical theatre class this year. The very first thing the girls asked me, before I had even set my books down, was whether or not I had been at the closing of Spring Awakening. When I said yes, they nodded to each other knowingly and asked who my favorite actress was. I said Alice Ripley. This time, they smiled and asked what my name was. I think I passed the test. We've only had three classes, but it's going swimmingly. Taking a class that begins with a question about Spring Awakening constitutes a good year in my book. I'm also required to see an opera in the fall and a musical in the spring. I've never been to the opera. It's really sad. But I'm more excited for it than I thought I would be. I want to see Madame Butterfly, but I think we're either going for Tosca or Turandot.
It has come to my attention that I've had visitors from New Zealand and Germany. Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome! I always really wanted to go to Berlin. And Amsterdam, actually, but we haven't had any Dutch visitors as of yet. I dream of the day.

There's more to say, and there are Broadwaysecrets to share, but it's all stuff I just don't feel like saying right now. So I'm off.

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