Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Contents of the Artist's Purse

Welcome back, suckers. So, while I sit here and wait for my iPod to charge so I can work off some of that lentil soup I just ate, I thought I'd walk all of you darlings through the contents of my bag. This is a very nice bag. I take it to every show. It is not heavy. It never gets lost or damaged. I think I will bring this bag to every show I ever see in my lifetime. Ready? Here we go!

cherry Chapstick

Hair Playbill

Marriott pen

red lucky Sharpie

black pen

confetti from Broadway on Broadway

glitter from Speech and Debate



silver Sharpie

Rock of Ages handout


four lipglosses


black button

purple guitar pick

Hair tickets (August 8/August 20/December 17)

Speech and Debate ticket (Jan. 5)

August: Osage County ticket (June 28)



There. That was lots of fun. I'm sure most of you are now thinking that I look somewhat like her. I'd never wear fur, and the aforementioned bag does not have Marilyn Monroe splashed on it. But doesn't she just look so much like Little Edie? For some reason, Christmas time always reminds me of the Beales. Love those crazy ladies. Grey Gardens was a wonderful movie and a wonderful musical. Unfortunately, the darling thing went the way of Caroline, or Change. Confession: One of my greatest fears is ending up trapped like Little Edie. But she was still wonderful, right? Of course right.

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sing~A~ling said...

how big is your bag again???!