Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Morning

No closing notice yet. I am beginning to think that I may possibly have jumped the gun on this one. But really - I got fourth row Ragtime tickets. Exactly how much bad has come out of that? So here's what I'm thinking - the closing was just a rumor, and I've got marvelous seats to a show that I've wanted to see for a revival I've been waiting for for the past ten years. If that's what falsely prognosticating gets me, then, son of a bitch, Wicked's closing next week!

So it's Saturday morning. I'm not particularly fond of Saturdays. It's just a stop to all the running around I do during the week. And I thrive on running around. The only good Saturdays I've ever had have been the ones I spent in a theatre. Still, my show day is usually Sunday. I can't tell you how much I resent that. Really, is there anything more depressing than seeing a show and knowing you can't stay up late that night, marveling at what you have seen?

So in a few hours I've got to prettify myself for a sweet sixteen. Here's what I think - it's lots of fun to get dressed up, but that's not what humans are meant for. We are all most beautiful in our natural state. As Alice Ripley said, "If they say we're not then f-ck 'em."

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