Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haikus are Fun

Indeed they are. And I am sensing that they are the only way this old crazy bitch could possibly vent her anger, sadness, and disappointment right now. The powers that be have dropped an ultimatum - I can go see Ragtime one last time, or I can go see Levy and Sheik at Joe's Pub. What to do?

I love those bitches.
But I also love Ragtime.
This shit is messed up.

I'm eating pizza.
While wearing a big Snuggie.
Suck on that bitches.

Ragtime is closing.
This is not okay with me.
Wicked should close now.

I love Stewie G.
He wants to kill his mother.
That's not very nice.

I like Cabaret.
It has Nazis and Hitler.
They are not nice guys.

I love Alice R.
She has red hair and blue eyes.
She is weird sometimes.

Vivien Leigh yay
She was good as Blanche DuBois
In the Streetcar film

P. LuPone - scary
She yells at the audience.
Stop taking pictures.

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