Sunday, May 17, 2009

There Will Be Light

Have I ever mentioned that I love my friends? Well, I do. And right now, I'm absolutely over the moon for them. Berrii has brought about the miracle of the century. On Wednesday, she, Lenora, and I are going to see Next to Normal. I'm so happy I'm shaking. Uncontrollably. They asked if I was excited. Look, people. I'm a Ripley fan. This is the performance of her life. Jennifer Damiano was in Spring Awakening. Aaron Tveit is not exactly rough on the eyes. I never thought I'd make it back to Next to Normal. Now I'm going back, on three days' notice, and for 36 bucks. Ask me again if I'm excited. I dare you. God bless Berrii and Lenora. Long live Next to Normal! I'm so excited I can't even talk. Okay, maybe I can talk. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I get to see this great show with two of my best friends at my side. This is a rough emotional ride, and not a trip I could take by myself. Even though I didn't like the show when I first saw it, I do remember that it shook me up quite a bit. Literally. I was trembling by the end. Well, here we go. Never in a million years did I think I would make it back to Next to Normal, and yet in three days I'll be sitting in the last row of the Booth Theatre, watching a family collapse before my eyes. I'm looking forward to some bread-throwing, drug-taking, pill-flushing, and memory loss. Gonna be a great night of theatre, friends, and electroshock therapy. Praise the Lord and pass the Paxil. Why is this woman wearing a green and purple striped shirt with red pants?

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berri said...

glad ur happy!!!! cant wait!!! i kno, i'm tht awesome!!!