Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair and Amy Morton

Two days ago I shelled out the rest of my iTunes money for the Hair cast album. I listened to it in the only way it is acceptable to listen to a CD like this - music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs, and thrashing my head during Donna. (Try to keep your head still while listening to that song. It's pretty much impossible.) Anyway. I own upwards of 50 cast albums. It's a sickness. But this one is definitely among the top five. A brilliant CD from a brilliant show. If West Side Story takes that Best Revival Tony, my reaction will be something like this. Angry Patti LuPone Bunny wants you to stop taking pictures. (It just never gets old.) Fortunately, Hair will win Best Revival, and then Arthur Laurents can wrap himself in his mediocre production and find someone new to hate. Current word on the street is that he and Sondheim are currently not speaking. If I knew Stephen Sondheim, I certainly would not want to get on his bad side. He might write a brilliantly worded song about how mean I am.

Before I go, here's a link to some pictures from Amy Morton's first night back in Osage County. I'm pretty sure this was the most triumphant return since The Second Coming of Christ.

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sing~A~ling said...

no sorry-- you knew i would be reading this--- this post is UNFORGIVABLE! DO NOT EVER AGAIN BASH ANYTHING THAT RELATES TO WEST SIDE STORY-- YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE SHOW! i am slightly kidding about that but not really. i've never seen hair and just because the guy from grey gardens who you really hate happens to be tony, doesn't mean its now your most hated play of the year.

sorry, just had to get that out.