Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bring Up the Curtain

I was bitterly disappointed by what I saw last night at the Kerr. Bernadette Peters, I felt, is almost unendurable as Desiree. She raises her arms in the air on every single line and practically screams it. She is never serious until Send in the Clowns, which did not impress me much. It seemed the only way she showed emotion during the song was by either splaying her fingers over her face or looking up at the ceiling. My mother fell asleep and I was counting the minutes until the Miller's Son.

While Bernadette is chewing scenery and everyone else seems bored beyond belief, Elaine Stritch is giving a dynamite performance and Leigh Ann Larkin is still a very alluring Petra. That's about all I can say, though. Ramona Mallory's Anne has turned into a twisted, ANNOYING, giggling idiot of a little girl who can't manage to say anything audible or coherent. There were hardly any smiles at the curtain call. In fact, I saw a few yawns and Ramona Mallory looked incredibly pissed off. I wasn't expecting her to stagedoor, and I wasn't going to bother her if she did. But she did. And it was awkward. It went like this.

Her: Hi, my name is Ramona.
Me: Ok. Hi.
I thought she was trying to be like Dainty June, so I just kind of smiled, but then I realized that she was staring at the guest sticker I got from NYU. It wasn't a "Hi my name is" sticker.
Her: No, cause you have the...oh. I thought it was a nametag.

A very rumpled, tired, and overheated Leigh Ann Larkin complimented my headband, but not before Aaron Lazaar told the girl next to me that no, he would not sleep with her. I think I am going to lay stagedooring to a rest pretty soon. It's not fun anymore.

So, lesson for the day: shoulda seen La Cage.

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Violet said...

Wow, you make me feel wonderful. I thought it was a wonderful show, by the way.
I wrote a comment that was nasty and critical to this post (because I'm trying to be more of an optimist) but I deleted it and wrote what I'm writing now.
So, there.