Saturday, August 7, 2010


Before I start, my cat Claude is sitting by the window going MOWMOWMOWMOWMOWMOW. I think it means something like, "Include me in the sonofabitching post, and there better be tuna for dinner." Arrogant little bastard. He's just like his momma - all fat and grey and bitchy and lazy. He also likes George Hearn more than any male cat should. He loves I Am What I Am. Claudio's getting a feather boa and wig next time he's in a good mood.

Anyway. My mom suggested that I make my pen name Peggy Ross. Jesus Christ. That sounds like an old lonely Irish lady writing romance novels in the attic. Which, God help me, is what I may turn out to be. So here are some names I've been considering, though I don't see what's wrong with my own.

Vivien Ripley
Betsy Knight
Olivia Mallory
Virginia O'Neill

Fact is I think I hate every single one of these names.

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Violet said...

For some reason, Olivia Mallory stands out as an author I can imagine "TITLE OF BOOK BY OLIVIA MALLORY" on a Barnes and Noble shelf.....