Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So...business as usual? Can we all just go back to hating Rush Limbaugh now? Ewwwww grosssss. Fat son of bitching Vicodin-sopping idjit.

Got word today that Annie and Funny Girl are coming back. I could do without Little Red, but Funny Girl is a big deal. Most people are gonna call for Stephanie J. Block or Lea Michele. I don't know who I'm backing just yet. Also found out that Jennifer Damiano is also leaving on July 18. Should be a fun night, save the pop-eyed freshman who stalks me and thinks I'll be Gabe for Halloween just so she can be Diana. I swear to God that kid just shows up out of nowhere. Today she asked me if I had seen Ripley's new hair color yet. Wait, what?! WHAT?! How the eff could you possibly know that? Did you bribe the hairdresser like in Sunset Boulevard? I tell you, it's goddamn terrifying. If this kid's not Broadwayspotted, I don't know who is. I wonder what would happen if I asked her if she thinks Elaine Stritch will be a good Madame Armfeldt. I don't know, maybe a nuclear sinkhole would form or something.

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Violet said...

hardie har.
funny girl-- that could be a great revival if they pick the right people...lea michele wont because she is getting paid soo much more for glee.

interesting how there was a mini debate going on in the comments in the alice ripley message post "o Jesus"....people actually read this thing? just kidding, but really, it was interesting.