Friday, June 25, 2010

Life is Funny

From here on in, I am using that picture EVERY SINGLE CHANCE I GET. Someone says something stupid on Broadwayworld - BAM! JENN DAMIANO IS NOT AMUSED. Confession - I think I've met her like twice, but I am just a teensy bit scared of her. She looks like she could grow up to be the next LuPone.

Darling Mumsy (I hate myself) has surprised me with end-of-the-year American Idiot tickets. (Lenora don't hate me.) Very excited, except I freaking hate the St. James. It's my least favorite theatre, next to the busted-ass Majestic. Word has it that you can write on the walls now? I'm gonna go in there and write "Stop taking pictures." Maybe someone will get it. Still, very excited. Haven't had a day with Mummy in a long time, and maybe I'll finally be able to try that Cajun place on 46th. Or maybe I can just go to Junior's, buy a slab o' strawberry cheesecake and fill my iced tea up with six pounds of sugar like I always do. The possibilites are almost endless. Gonna be a blast from the past seeing John Gallagher go on again. No matter how hard I try, I'll probably only be able to see the spastic suicidal German kid, God rest him.

So I've got a new favorite Sondheim song - Could I Leave You? I never knew Follies came after Company. Idjit. Anyway, it's a hilarious song. You bet your ass. Sondheim likes that phrase. So do I.