Monday, June 14, 2010


Can we all agree that the Tonys sucked this year? Let's pick out some particular lowlights, shall we?

1. Idina Menzel shushing the Ragtime fans.
2. Catherine Zeta Jones making it look like Desiree had a nervous twitch.
3. Katie Finneran is not Karine Plantadit. Sorry, she's just not.
4. The best play eff up.

1. Katie Finneran
2. Angela Lansbury
3. Bebe
4. CZJ
5. Lea Michele

1. Cathy Zuber
2. Bernadette Peters
3. Christiane Noll
4. Katie Holmes
5. Barbara Cook

And Alice did not present. Maybe we are lucky for that. Ah, well. Maybe next season won't be so goddamn lackluster.

On the plus side, I did see Sondheim on Sondheim yesterday afternoon. It was nice to see Barbara Cook, even if she did not do much. I never knew what a great show Merrily We Roll Along is. Norm Lewis is brilliant. Being Alive was the very best part of the show. It was the kind of moment that brings me to the edge of my seat and twists my insides around until I'm wound up tight as a spring and practically choking on my tongue. Moments like that are rare.

The intensity is what makes it all worth it. The first time I saw Hair, I ripped my Playbill to shreds during the be-in. I don't get why people go to the theatre expecting to forget their problems. It doesn't make a bit of difference to anybody if you come out the way you went in, does it?

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Violet said...

No matter what you expect, many Broadway shows have changed the way I view things. Like Next to Normal gives you a temporary and if you're lucky permanent feeling to appreciate life and love being alive, while In the Heights makes you want to go home and hug all your family members.
So, you can definitely come out a different person.