Saturday, June 12, 2010


Feeling depressed. My Tony party's tomorrow night. I need to clean up and wrap the presents. So I just finished listening to the entire score of Caroline, or Change. I wish I had seen it. But it got me thinking. What are the saddest songs I know?

Another Winter in a Summer Town - Grey Gardens
Make Them Hear You - Ragtime
Underwater - Caroline, or Change
My Child Will Forgive Me - Parade
At the Glen - Dessa Rose
So Anyway - Next to Normal
Left Behind - Spring Awakening
Sunday - Sunday in the Park

No, I did not just push my chair back and lean over to mentally scan my CD collection. The very nerve.

Not so excited for the Tonys. Christiane Noll is not going to win. Neither is Ragtime. Sorry, Lenora, but neither is Sherrie. But I get to see Christiane Noll do Back to Before. I'll cry. Alice Ripley's presenting. Oh, dear. I am genuinely scared for her, and a little scared of her. She's been getting increasingly erratic these days. I'm scared of what she'll get up there and say, though I don't see how she could possibly make it any worse for herself than she already did. Her actions are forgiven but not so easily forgotten.

Now that school's out it's time for me to start arranging my summer docket. Tomorrow's Sondheim on Sondheim, and then I've got:

Next to Normal
Everyday Rapture
American Idiot

Sigh. It was a lackluster season, I am thinking. Oh, and I can't forget Night Music. No missing Elaine Stritch. No missing Leigh Ann Larkin's Miller's Son. No missing Ramona Mallory sing from the back of her throat.

Lenora got president of the drama club, but now they need a show. I've pitched

Sunday in the Park

They've all been shot down mericlessly. It's gonna end up being High School Musical. Lord save us. Because really, God knows we can't put any effort into this. All-girls school means we always end up doing a ridiculously girl-heavy show. Night Music could have worked. Damn you, revival. Damn you, scaredy cat director. It's not impossible for a high school to get Sondheim right. I've seen it happen more than once.

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Violet said...

I just think that after all the Rogers and Hammerstein's are over, there can't be really any good shows.
But let's all join hands and sing the songs from the tween-powered movie generated by the actors and not the story where a boy who likes basketball likes to sing. WOW-- that is sommeeeeeeee plotline!