Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Alice Ripley Hey guys- I just want to say how sorry I am for my recent post. It was careless and thoughtless and I assure you it is not a reflection of the way I really feel. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always supported the gay community and will continue to do so. I’m embarrassed and I apologize.

Good girl. Okay. Now that THAT'S over with, this old girl has some clarifications of her own to make. I told the people who were angered by Ripley's comment to "chill the hell out." I don't take that back. Everyone was caught up in the tumult, including myself. We ALL needed to chill the hell out. Anyway, I was told to go fuck myself. But I certainly was not trying to demean homosexuals or discount anyone's past struggles. I know what it's like, okay? I don't know anyone's personal history, but I know what it's like to feel victimized. Poor me, right? But I did get out of line, and so did Ripley, and so did everyone else. And I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep a more level head.

Problem is I think everyone has some issue that they're sensitive, or hypersensitive about, deservedly so. Okay, here I go - I've had depression for the past three years, and I was always ashamed of that, but I'm not here to whine about my easy life. I'm just trying to tell you that I KNOW what it's like to be alert for every insult and behavioral quirk. I cannot count how many times I have been called crazy, most times by my own family members. And I still remember how my blood used to boil. This cannot be compared to physical violence, and three years is not a lifetime, I know, but the underlying concepts are the same. Was I out of line in saying gays are hypersensitive? Yes. But is everyone who makes an off-the-cuff, angry, but still inappropriate remark a hell-bent homophobe? I'm inclined not to think so. Bottom line: Yes, people, myself included, needed to chill the hell out. But that remark was directed towards those who wanted to storm Shubert Alley with signs and bullhorns, not the long-suffering gay community. Trust me, folks. I am with you. And I am sorry.

To be perfectly honest, I'm just amazed that people care enough to read my stupid blog.

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Violet said...

i care, though i know you don't care about me