Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Night Music

So...Night Music. I had a wonderful time. Let me first set the stage for you - it was the 22, my lucky day. I sat in the seat 22 of the second row of the second floor of the theatre. So all the odds were in my favor.

Before I even got to the theatre, Mom and I strolled around Shubert Alley for a while. While my mother debated with a random passerby about whether or not the woman on the Chicago poster was Marie Osmond, I walked away to avoid embarrassment. Such was the coming of the talented lady in the hat to Shubert Alley. I smiled and thought to myself, "Hooooly craaaaaap, it's Alice Ripley." Three seconds later it was gone, but my night was nonetheless made.

Night Music is the most visually pretty show I've ever seen. The cast is wonderful. Before I go into detail, I have to give a shout out to Bradley Dean, who plays Frid. This is his job description:

1. Stand next to Angela Lansbury for the entire first act without saying a single word.
2. Lift her up and carry her. Avoid becoming "that guy who dropped Angela Lansbury."
3. Undress Leigh Ann Larkin.

The show is simply lovely. Miss Lansbury is an utter joy to watch. Catherine Zeta Jones is serviceable. Okay, I'll say it - the best performance of the evening was given by Leigh Ann Larkin. There I said it. I'm happy she took Night Music now. No idiot would have taken Evelyn Nesbit over Petra. What a character she is. I'm thinking she's got a Tony nomination coming to her, but she'll be in a category that puts her up against Angela Lansbury. That's rough. That's real rough.

Also of note is Ramona Mallory, a debutante trying her hand at Anne. Despite the fact that her parents named her Ramona, she is giving a very nice performance - when you can actually understand what she's saying.

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