Friday, January 15, 2010

The Week in Review

First off: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - excellent, excellent, excellent play. Fine, I'll say it. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a better play than A Streetcar Named Desire. Cat is the Father, Streetcar is the Son, and Glass Menagerie is the Holy Ghost.

Second - people amaze me. I'm sitting here with a gigantic blooming bruise on my shin because some idiot does not see what is going on around her. I was riding the bus home, and a girl who was...hell, I'll say it - she was really fat, was standing near me and seeing how long she could stand without holding on. Of course, the bus stopped short, as she hoped it would, and she went flying forward, as she hoped she would. Attention whore. Her little chorus of friends burst into laughter while she launched towards the front of the bus and pinned my leg against a pole. I was sitting there saying, "Ow...damn it, ow....son of a bitch, ow!" And she continued to sit on my foot, causing a metal piece to dig into my leg. When she finally got her fat ass up, she neglected to even apologize, which is mostly why I'm mad.

Third. I was shut out of a discussion on The Grapes of Wrath this morning. Okay, that one was mostly my fault. But then I had to sit there and listen to the group giggle nervously when they didn't know that the title came from The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Okay, so that may have been my fault too. But it was still a Norma Desmond moment. "Those iiiiidiots. I'll show them, so help me!"

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sing~A~ling said...

It is not a known fact that Grapes of Wrath is from that song...u make me feel so bad! anyway, what i wanted to say in religion was "yay for joe's pub im so excited" but i thought that would have been a waste to say and would have been really awkward considering that I can't think of anything you would have said back, so I left it as "I'll tell you later" to allude from the awkwardness that was occurring.