Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I'll Never Say

Anecdote before we start: I was in Philly today, seeing my cousin in a play at the Walnut Street Theatre. (Hugh Panaro is a very good Fagin, and an all-around great guy.) As I was leaving, a girl passed by wearing a purple cloche hat, a purple peacoat, beautiful heels, and purple stockings. One thought crossed my mind - That's what I wanna be. I vow to find you one day, epic hat girl, and ask you where you get your clothes. Above all, I loved her freaking hat. I was wearing my black hat with the feathers, and she stared at it, as everyone usually does. We nodded at each other in a moment of mutual acknowledgement of epic headwear.

I should be working on a project, but it's been months with that damn thing. I need a break, so I thought we'd play a little game - you post a few things you know you'll never be able to say to certain people, but you don't include their names. It's fun. Ready, and awaaaay we go.

1. Your mother looks like Nurse Ratched. Also, fix your roots.
2. I lied about the dress.
3. Why don't you see what you mean to me?
4. I love you. I love you. I love you. Please understand that I love you.
5. I'm so worried about you.
6. I know for a fact that I'm much better at what you do than you are, but I'm too terrified to try.
7. I'm not sorry. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm sorry.
8. The worst part of going away will be leaving you.
9. Are you aware that you look like you have no eyebrows?
10. I don't forgive you.
11. Thank-you.
12. Look at me. I want you to look at me.
13. I know for a fact that you're jealous of me. Sometimes I'm so jealous of you that I can't stand it.
14. There is no earthly need to IM me whenever I'm on Facebook.

There now. That was lots of fun.

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sing~A~ling said...

hmmm interesting
why can't large head wear come back in style...the extravagant over the top head wear